• INSTRUCTIONS: ADJUSTING TO "0": To adjust the dial to zero, turn taring wheel at the base of scale until zero aligns with the pointer.
  • CORRECT PLACING: Place the scale on a solid level floor because of a surface such as a carpet can seriously affect the readings
  • CORRECT USING: Stand squarely and gently on the scale without leaning forward or backward and distribute your feet. Do not jump on the scale.
  • MAINTENANCE: Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent solution. Do not use strong solvents,m benzine or thinner.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The weight is designed according to the body's weight, and it conforms to the international standard of the same kinds of products, the commercial weighing cannot be used.
  • ACCURACY: If users normally the weight according to the above-mentioned instruction, its error inexactness will be +/-1.0 division value when the body's weight is from 0 kilos to 75kilos, and the weighing error will be 1/-1.5 division value when the body's weight is from 75 kilos to 125 kilos.