Wessbond Wood Filler
  •  Solvent-free
  • Set firmly to all wood
  • Does not shrink or sink.
  • No waste, unlimited shelf life
  • Interior grade
  • Harmless
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy sand
  • Will take all finish operations, painting staining, sanding, drilling, and sawing etc.
  • ideals for edge veneering and wood grain filling.
Ready-Mixed Filler For interior Woodwork And Furniture
Wessbond Wood Filler, the #1 professional choice, water-based and fast drying interior wood filler.
It is easy to apply and used mainly as :
-wood filler
-grain filler
-crack filler
-edge filler
Note : For best result, do not stir. If stirring is necessary, stir just a few times and only slowly to prevent generating air bubbles.
Directions for Use :
  • ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose materials.
  • Simply apply Wessbond Filler to the area to be filled, with a filling knife.
  • Allow thin layer to dry for about 30 minutes before sanding. Drying time depends on wet film thickness, temperature and humidity.
  • Close lid after se to prevent drying. If wood filler becomes dry, add small amounts of water